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Special Educational Needs

The Limewoods Federation is both welcoming and inclusive. Our aims for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are the same as for all our pupils: To provide a broad and balanced curriculum within which children can reach their full potential. We believe that all children, no matter their needs or barriers, should live life in all it’s fullness. This vision for pupils is demonstrated through our approach to teaching, our curriculum, enrichment opportunities and the adaptations we make for pupils with SEND.


At the Limewoods Federation, we believe that parents are the experts in their children. We welcome and value parental feedback about children’s strengths, difficulties and barriers to learning. It is our aim to fully involve parents in decision making regarding pupils with SEND, and provide them with the support and access to services that they require as a family.

For further information about how we support our pupils with SEND, please see our SEND information report and Policy for SEND.

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